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Day 10 - Moving towards the Sea

Andon Sikavica
March 12th, 2020 · 1 min read

We planned to go towards the Sea. We choose not so usual direction, towards Phan Rang. Our hotel was south-east of Phan Rang on the Ninh Chu Beach.

As there are no frequent buses from Dalat towards Phan Rang, we needed to walk towards the garage where the small bus was starting.

IMG 4733
IMG 4739
IMG 4741

The bus made one stop where we had some fruits.

IMG 4743
IMG 4749

When we arrived we took a cab to our hotel. Then we just went to stroll around the beach.

On the side towards the fishing village, where no hotels a present, it got pretty full with garbage.

IMG 4758
IMG 4761

On the other side, where hotels and resorts are present, it was cleaner and nice to take a swim.

IMG 4772

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